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Pagan Creations: Goddess Symbols: Circle


The Circle is the quintessential Goddess symbol.

微笑棋牌现金版下载The Moon, the Earth, a lactating breast, a pregnant belly are all Circles. Life is a circle. Eggs and many seeds are, roughly, circular. The stars and the seasons and the Sun all travel in circles around the Earth - at least visibly. Chakras are also circular.

The Circle represents protected space, and sacred space. They also represent equal power-sharing … People who gather in Circles meet as equals, with no single person set apart or above the others.

微笑棋牌现金版下载Anything that contains a Circle reflects unmistakably an aspect of the Goddess.

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The Serpent is one of the first Goddess symbols. Serpents are mysterious creatures. They dwell in the dark inner Earth and sunlit outer Earth equally - crossing the borders between the worlds. They move with the fluidity of water. In ancient times, it was believed that snakes never died of age, but shed their old skins and were reborn.

Serpents are ancient Goddess symbols, for all these reasons, and many more … They have been identified from time immemorial as the Consciousness and Will of the Divine, which creates all life and guides humanity to the realization of its spiritual potential.

微笑棋牌现金版下载The serpent represents the Feminine Spiritual Energy. This is the Kundalini - the Goddess Within. This life energy lies essentially dormant in most people. It seems to awaken spontaneously, to some degree, in women during menopause and childbirth.

The Serpent has a long and fascinating history of worship and supernatural struggle between the Gods and Goddesses.

Even in Gnostic Judaism and Gnostic Christianity, the Serpent was revered as Divine.

微笑棋牌现金版下载There is also a connection between the serpent and the mysterious and magical DNA molecules. This Rainbow Serpent is worshiped in many forms, all over the world, by shamanic cultures.

微笑棋牌现金版下载The Goddess has been celebrated in the serpentine motions of belly dance, for millennia, despite efforts to stamp it out and defame the women who practiced it. This is a practice that is gaining great popularity again, as the Goddess becomes honored once more.

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Druidism, also called Druidry, is a religion that was taught by the Druids (a member of the priestly class of the Celts about 2000 years ago). Druidism is a nature based religion that has many elements in common with New Age and Wicca but with a focus on ancestry and nature. It has no official dogma or sacred Scripture and, therefore, can take many forms. Like the New Age movement, it can adapt to a large variety of spiritual beliefs. So, those who are pantheists, polytheists, monotheists, and animists can adopt Druidic philosophy. Monotheistic Druids would believe in a god or goddess. Polytheistic Druids would affirm gods and goddesses. Pantheistic and animistic Druids would deny a personal God and would instead affirm the presence of God, as a force, that would exist in all things.

Druidism practices a tolerance of many different philosophical and spiritual traditions and teaches that no one system of thought is truer than any other. Rather, it depends on the individual and the “path” that he or she has chosen. Within the Druid movement there are “Bards” who were the ones who kept the oral traditions alive. They had to learn stories and underwent intensive training for many years. There were the Ovates who were the healers and the Druids who were the philosophers and teachers.

The main elements of Druidic belief are …

  1. Sacredness of all life: A philosophy which deals with the sacredness and divinity of all life in which all life is equal in value. Therefore, humanity is on the same level of importance as plants and animals.

  2. The Otherworld: A place of existence beyond our physical senses. It is a place we are supposed to go to when we die but can be visited with the help of meditation, altered states of consciousness, visualizations, chanting, hypnosis, and shamanic trances.

  3. Reincarnation: Ancient Druidic practices taught a type of reincarnation in which the soul went to “The Otherworld” between incarnations, which could be in human or animal forms. Most modern Druids hold to this as well.

  4. Nature微笑棋牌现金版下载: It reconnects us with nature, our ancestors, and ourselves, by “working with plants, trees, animals, stones, and ancestral stories.”

  5. Healing: It brings healing using holistic means for both body and spirit.

  6. Journey: Life is a journey from one stage to another: birth, marriage, children, death, etc.

  7. Potential: Developing one’s potential for the development of our creative, psychic, intellectual, and intuitive abilities.

  8. Magic: Where ideas are brought into manifestation and divination is used to predict the future.

Druids微笑棋牌现金版下载 do not practice human sacrifice, but they do celebrate eight festivals which are based upon the seasons. They celebrate summer and winter solstices which are the longest and shortest days of the year respectively. They celebrate the equinoxes in the fall and spring when the days and nights are equally long. The other festivals were based on tradition and related to farming such as sending the cattle out to pasture, beginning of the harvest, etc.

Druidism微笑棋牌现金版下载 emphasizes the “spiritual nature of life.”

It most probably originated in Britain around 2000 years ago, but this is not certain since ancient records are few and far between. It has recently undergone a revival.

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  • The chakra of prayer/meditation – tells us that our spirits are eternal/to realize that our bodies relationship to chronological time is an illusion – This chakra is the entry point for the human life force from God – connecting ( and nourishing) the entire physical body to the 7th chakra. The connection to the transcendent dimension of life – to our spiritual nature and our capacity to allow spirit/spirituality to become an integral part of our lives and guide us
  • Seeking and intimate relationship with the Divine. Spiritual awakening.
  • The grace (good karma) – bank account – storage of power and energy through acts of faith and prayer. Access to Prana – purest form of energy.
  • Gaining an intensity of internal awareness – devotion, inspiration, prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas, mystical connection, inner guidance/ insight into healing/ trust in the divine.
  • Calling one’s spirit back – finishing up old business to return to the spiritual dimension complete. Integration of self with higher power.
  • Love as an intimate personal relationship with the Divine.
  • All that faith represents in one’s life – insight into healing, inner guidance ultimate trust, peace that surpasses understanding, etc. Live in the present moment! Thus to receive Divine guidance each day. From this we receive inspiration that lifts us into Ecstasy. We thrive and we heal in ecstatic moments, when our spirits become stronger than our bodies, and our bodies can respond to the commands of our spirits. The soul is one with God. Consciously returning to the Divine.

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The Vesica Piscis is the 6th level of Sacred Geometry. It is also one of the common multicultural Goddess symbols.

And not without reason. In Sacred Geometry, the Vesica Piscis is considered to be the source of literally all creation. As Charles Gilchrist writes, “The Vesica Piscis微笑棋牌现金版下载 is literally the womb of the universe … the ever unfolding Mother of Sacred Geometry.”

Apparently, humans of every culture would agree. According to Walker, the Vesica Piscis was “a worldwide ancient synonym for the yoni, or vulva.” (Barbara Walker, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, p 16.)

“Yoni” refers to both the vulva and the womb. It has always signified a gateway between the worlds. This represents the feminine Creative power of the Goddess, the Mother of all … even the Gods.

Vesica Piscis means “vessel of the fish.” This refers to the sea-water fragrance of the vulva.

微笑棋牌现金版下载Walker continues, “One of the Hindu titles of the Great Goddess was "a virgin named Fishy Smell, whose real name was Truth.”

It is in Her honour that fish were eaten on Friday (Freya’s Day).

The Vesica Piscis was so synonymous with what is most sacred, that even the Christians used it to confer sanctity on Christian figures and places of worship.

It is likely these connections which brought the fish to be a symbol of Christ, ironic as that is.

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The Triple Spiral, or Triskele, is believed to be one of the ancient Goddess symbols of the Celts. It represents the Triple Goddess, and in particular is associated with the Celtic Goddess Brighid.

The Triple Spiral is sometimes also used to represent the three realms of land, sea, and sky.

Pre-Christian Symbolism

Believed by many people to be an ancient symbol of pre-Celtic and Celtic beliefs, the triple spiral appears in various forms in pre-Celtic and Celtic art, with the earliest examples having been carved on pre-Celtic stone monuments, and later examples found in the Celtic Christian illuminated manuscripts of Insular art. The triple spiral was possibly the precursor to the later triskele design found in the manuscripts.

Christian Celtic Symbolism

What the symbol meant to the pagans who built Newgrange and other monuments is unknown; but, as Christianity came into the forefront in Ireland before the 5th century, AD, the triskele took on new meaning, as a symbol of the Trinity (i.e., Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and, therefore, also a symbol of eternity. Its popularity continues today as a decorative symbol of faith for Christians of Celtic descent around the world.

Other Interpretations

The triple spiral is one of the main symbols of Celtic Re-constructionist Paganism, often standing for the “three realms” - Land, Sea and Sky, or for one of a number of deities who are described in the lore as “threefold” or triadic. The god Manannán is probably most often the one symbolized by the triskele, though some also use it for the goddess Brighid. Some Celtic-inspired Wiccans also use the triple spiral symbol, most often to represent the concept of the Triple Goddess.

According to Uriel’s Machine by Knight and Lomas (2003), the triple spiral may represent the nine-month period of human pregnancy, since the sun takes a fourth of a year to go from the celestial equator (an equinox) to extreme north or south declination (a solstice), and vice versa. During each three-month period, the sun’s path across the sky appears to form a closely wound quasi-helical shape, which can be likened to a spiral, so that three spirals could represent nine months, providing an explanation for a link between fertility and the triple spiral symbol.

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The Triple Moon is one of the Triple Goddess symbols - the Divine Feminine as Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the Moon in her waxing, full, and waning phases. So the Triple Moon symbolizes all the aspects of female Power united: intuition and psychic insight, creative energy, wisdom and mystery.

This symbol, sometimes called the Triple Goddess symbol, represents the three phases of the moon – waxing, full, and waning. According to Robert Graves’ The White Goddess, it also represents the three phases of womanhood, in the aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone, although many scholars have questioned Graves’ work.

This symbol is found in many NeoPagan and Wiccan traditions as a symbol of the Goddess. The first crescent represents the waxing phase of the moon – new beginnings, new life, and rejuvenation. The center circle is symbolic of the full moon, the time when magic is at its most potent and powerful. Finally, the last crescent represents the waning moon – a time to do banishing magic, and to send things away.

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Three’s, of course, in any configuration represent the Feminine Divine. In relation to the Goddess such symbols have taken many forms over the millennia - Triple Spirals, Three-Pointed Stars, Trefoils, Triquetra, etc.

But simple Triangles are still a Goddess symbols, motherhood symbols, and women’s symbols.

The upward-pointing Triangle represents the Goddess in her Triple form - Maiden, Mother, Crone.

A downward-pointing Triangle微笑棋牌现金版下载, called a Yoni Yantra, represents the Goddess as Creatrix and the Goddess Within.

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Trees are Goddess symbols by way of the Tree of Life, or World Tree. The Tree of Life was associated with the Great Mother Goddess, from which all life arises.

The quiet generosity of trees had been worshiped throughout time. Trees are the source of much that is necessary to life. In days before the One Jealous God, prayers were offered to trees微笑棋牌现金版下载 in thanks for their gifts, and asking their forgiveness.

Trees symbolize the all-nurturing Goddess, as well as She Who Reclaims Life. Most of the major Gods were martyred on or in connection with some version of the Tree.

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